Fine Art in Full Color Print

The featured image is “The Lamb” & “The Feline King” by @itzrelly from the pages of Rattlesnake

Greenville has a full-color, glossy fine-art magazine.

Art represented in glossy, full-color from front to back, a magazine that features artists’ work and interviews about their work in Greenville, for the sake of doing it, is a dream for artists seeking a wider audience for their work. Here in Greenville, it’s a dream come true. Rattlesnake, greenville art magazine, had a party to celebrate Volume 5 at Zen, where a copy of the magazine was part of the entrance fee. I went, and would say that it is certainly worth the support of every artist who plans on having a show… and every art lover who wants to know what is out there to see. Volume 5 features an interview with artist Kara Virginia Russo by the editor Leah Smolin. There is also art by Sacha AndersonMikayla CooperDavid GansauerHoney GilmoreAshley RabanalTodd ThrashTerrell Washington There is also poetry by Ravyn Stalford and fiction by Seth Milton Jones, and a music feature about Poorly Drawn House.

Zion in performance at Zen in Greenville, SC

Along with copies of the fresh magazine, there was a poetry reading, and a performance by a band/performance art group called Zion. A Composition. They are a group featuring “artistic contributions and instrumental arrangements by various creators” according to their Facebook page. I would describe, the music as a mix of east-west trancey rock, if there is such a genre? I liked it, but had to leave early. Kudos to the editor who prefers to go mastheadless in order to preserve an air of mystery, (if I understood her correctly,) while manifesting something special that will remain as a document of the times here in Greenville.

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