Getting off the Ground

Older. Wiser? Maybe.

It has been many months since I first attempted to reload Listen & Be Heard here in the Upstate of South Carolina. There are many reasons why the front-end has been delayed. There has been much thought and many doubts, some obstacles and generally more encouragement to continue on the back-end, than negativity, which is so easy to come by. So, SHE (me) WILL PERSIST!

I believe in listening and being heard. When I lost track of that simple but powerful equation in my own life I lost any semblance of autonomy in my creative life. And whether or not we call ourselves artists of one stripe or another, we all need a creative life. Growing, sewing, healing, expressing feelings, building, brewing, baking, making art, culture is the best part of being human. As I near my sixtieth birthday I am determined to cultivate creativity, community and the best of humanity in my remaining years.

Look forward to hearing from Listen & Be Heard as I venture back into weekly broadcasting (podcasting now, instead of public radio.) You can expect to hear from small press writers from around the country, local artists of all kinds, and discussions about the issues that creative people deal with on the daily.

Look forward to reading Listen & Be Heard as I venture back into providing a platform for free expression. I am working on restoring some of the still-relevant content from Listen & Be Heard Weekly in the Bay Area in the early 2000’s, as well as featuring some of the highlights in the From the Archives column on Tuesdays. But my goal is to get some of those writers to return, as well as find new contributors from pretty much anywhere who want a home where their arts related content is relevant and celebrated.

Even though we are connected globally, we are still living locally. As my roots roam and reach and replenish me, the Upstate of South Carolina has become the new home base for Listen & Be Heard, which will only serve to expand on the connections and creations that came before. Listen and be heard in South Carolina, in America, on Earth. What’s the alternative?

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