A Warm Brick Wall

This lettuce is growing nicely.

I think I made a good choice putting my experimental winter garden against the brick wall of the house. I checked on my lettuce after a few consecutive nights of freezing weather.

A warm wall on a cool day.

The lettuce isn’t the only thing that appreciates warm bricks. A resident lizard passed through to inspect my work.

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    1. It is nice to have living garden companions, like lizards. They do love that brick wall as much as my plants do! My cat is a constant garden companion. I wish he could work!

      1. 😀😀
        I think that about my dogs, too. Today I was in the garden, weeding, sowing some seeds and I forgot something and I said to my dogs who were both lying about enjoying the sun, hey one of you go and get the labels I left up on the porch. They did not even look at me! Sigh.

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