Seeds are the Start

Hardy flowers for some winter cheer.

I am still amazed by the humble seed. It is mind boggling to me how a tiny tomato seed can become a vine with pounds of produce hanging from its extended branches. I know it’s only January, but I am getting an early start this year. One reason I am starting early is that I don’t have many flowers in my deck pots right now. I want to fill them with cheerful winter hardy flowers. Why do people call people pansies when they want to say that they are weak? Pansies might look weak, but they are hardy. Last week I said I had bought all my seeds for the year. I guess I lied. I spent another seven bucks on pretty flowers….

Heirloom dwarf tomatoes and lettuce coming to our table soon….

I want to start some more lettuce, as part of my effort to keep a steady supply of dinner salad coming to our plates. But that’s not all. Even though I have not completely given up on the Cherokee Purple tomato that is currently barely growing in my kitchen, (even with a grow light,) I am going to try a different approach. Maybe a dwarf tomato will thrive where a large tomato will only survive? Only time will tell.

Right now the chosen seeds have all disappeared into the soil. If all goes well, I will have sprouts coming up in my living room in a week or two.

Seeds on the bottom shelf…

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  1. Growing things from seed is always amazing! I have a strange conglomeration of plants that I absolutely love and even though I’m in a small apartment, they really brighten up my space.

  2. I used to wonder the same thing about Pansies the flower and pansies the other meaning because when we lived in Texas, the Pansie flowers would literally be covered in ice for a night and I would think, darn it they’re done, but ,no, they just unthawed and kept on going. I was amazed!

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