Marvelina Chapter 16 Part 1

Teacher comes from the Lush Planet. He has told Edwin stories about it for as long as Edwin can remember. He has always told Edwin that he would go there one day, even though it is said that the planet is dead.

…”We watched the stars and told their stories, and our spirits soared into the night sky."
	"What stories? How did you know star stories?" Edwin had once asked Teacher.
	"The spiders lived with us in the trees. They told us that all the stars and planets and people too, all our stories are woven together. The planets are connected to each other, and so are their people."
	“Tell me a woven together story," Edwin demanded. He had turned thirteen, and Teacher was getting weaker.

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  1. Very nice Martha! I’m going to Wattpad to check it out. I’ve got a book there also, it’s called ‘Everwhere’, a humorous alternate universe story that may also be considered absurd. Anyway, take care and thank you for following.

    1. Thanks for taking a look Kelly. I will look for your book on Wattpad! Wishing you Peace and Poetry.

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