Special Ingredients

Chile powders from Chimayo, New Mexico.

My mother lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The last time we visited her she drove us to Chimayo. It is a sacred place that people come to from all over the world for the healing properties of the soil. We walked into the Potrero Trading Post while we were there and, probably like everyone else who steps inside, were overcome by the smell of the dried Chipotle.

I bought some of the powder for $4.95. Last week I ran out of it, and I couldn’t stand the thought. There is something just really special about the flavor of that chile powder. Heads up, I use half a teaspoon in my brownies…

Generally, I’m a use what’s around me kind of woman. I prefer to eat local. And I mostly avoid expensive ingredients. But I have to affirm that there is something very special about Chimayo, New Mexico, and the flavor of the chile. And, I have to say that the chile powder is very reasonably priced.

I found the website a little difficult to navigate, but they were very friendly and helpful on the phone. They also talked me into trying their (more expensive) heirloom chile powder, which is a very bright red indeed. So now I have divulged one of my secret sources of goodness…

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