Dying and Buying Real Estate

 There's Never Been A Better Time To Buy Die by Bernard Meisler
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If you are thinking of buying a house in Mill Valley or anywhere in the bay area of California, I would recommend that you read Bernard Meisler’s book There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy Die before you spend a dime. If you’re not looking to buy, or already know that you can’t afford those prices anyway, then I recommend that you read the book for a good laugh. It is a page turner, not so much for the mystery that will keep you guessing, but because of the biting commentary of the real estate agent who is the anti-hero of the story.

A real estate/murder mystery told in the first person, the narrator is a suspect character. I found myself, somewhere along the way, asking why I should care about him. He is no better than some of the seedy but not poor characters populating his story. His redeeming quality as the protagonist is his honesty.

You might have bought a house or two in your life, but this book will still likely open your eyes to some thing you didn’t already know about buying and selling houses. The people who live in them, the rich and not-so-rich are all fodder for the running commentary on life on the West Coast. Overall, an entertaining and eye-opening read with a good twist at the end.

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