Why am I posting Marvelina on Wattpad?

Marvelina has been a labor of love ever since I created the radio drama for WBAI Radio decades ago. I could never let the story go, but I didn’t find the time again until several years ago to recreate the story, and move it far beyond the radio drama, in the form of a novel. The difficult truth is that I have been knocking on doors for years now that I have not been opened to me and I feel discouraged. It’s hard to get anyone to even read the book let alone talk about publishing it.

I know creative people are trying all kinds of platforms on the Web. One of the reasons I chose Wattpad is because it’s exclusively for readers and writers. If you don’t want to read then you’re not going to go to Wattpad. I like that idea, that I’m posting for readers and not people who like to like pictures. Also, there are mostly new adults hanging around there, and I believe that that is the target audience for Marvelina, although I could be wrong about that. I’m not so up on the whole marketing thing either, honestly. Why can’t a writer just write?

I’m not sure if the fact that most of what’s on Wattpad is fan fiction, and a lot of it is mediocre, is a negative for me or not. Since my novel is not fan fiction maybe it has more of a chance to stand out. I have found that a lot of women post there and some of it is very interesting. And as I suspected, my book is relevant as women’s literature. At this particular moment it is ranked 196 out of 10.8k under the tag #women. They call that my most impressive ranking.

I will be happy to get some reads at this point, and even happier to get some feedback. Of course if I can create a buzz there and get noticed by an agent blah, blah, blah, that would all be nice. Even Wattpad wants me to promote my work with pictures! Hence the extra work of creating “quotes” like the one above. Sometimes I think this whole Social Media thing is just an endless go round and I’m running into to the same people wherever I go.

There are some people I follow on Facebook, like Stephanie Wilson and Chavisa Woods, who I admire for the way they share their personalities without promoting what they do constantly. But they are always raising awareness about what they are up to. I don’t always hit that like button, but I notice all the same. I know I should be trying to do that for my work, but it’s hard and it’s time consuming too. But so, please share, repost, etc. etc. but really just give me some love and feedback, love and feedback, love and feedback…

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