Garden Flux and Flow

A garden is always a work in progress.

When a border is planted I don’t think about digging it up again and getting dirty separating roots, or that maintenance work might arise in the process. When planting bulbs in the fall, I don’t think much about the weeding and raking that will need to be done in the early spring. After cleaning house on Saturday morning I went to work in the west garden and was a little overwhelmed by the flux and flow of the entirety of what needs doing. It would have been nice to admire the blooming bulbs, but I just saw the work.

everything must change. nothing stays the same.

I zeroed in on the raised bed where I grew artichokes last year.  This year I’ve decided that artichokes are like an expensive date. I don’t  ever get enough satisfaction to make it worth the effort. I’ve never had success with onions, but I haven’t given up on the romance yet, since I use them daily in the kitchen. I prepared the bed just the way they’re supposed to like it.

Rhubarb has been more of a tease. We all remember the one year when there was plenty of strawberries and rhubarb at the same time, and the pies were delicious. I’ve been trying to recreate that scenario ever since, but sometimes a date full of promise turns out to be the last one you ever had…


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