Red Reishi Mushrooms


I’m guessing that this might be a good one to harvest, but maybe not yet…

I see these Red Reishi mushrooms frequently around here, but have never picked any, or researched them either, until now. As it turns out, they were prized by the Chinese as much as Ginseng, which is a lot. Apparently they have numerous medicinal qualities, and are even sold in capsule form. You can also make your own tea or tincture with them.

After a little web surfing on the subject, I want to get to know these mushrooms better. I think the big one pictured is from last year. I think the white edge on the one with a stalk, means that it is still growing, and would be a good one to harvest. Apparently they are not appetizing to eat, but you can make a tea or a tincture with them. Below are two links to some interesting information about them.

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