Ready for a First Date


It’s almost time to test the incubator.

The delivery man came speeding up my driveway this morning as if the delivery of this incubator was an urgent matter. It really wasn’t but maybe he was just feeling the urgency spring. The lines for garden supplies at our local nurseries indicate that he is not the only one with spring fever.

I asked around, (mostly homestead and chicken groups on-line) and felt reasonably safe about dancing with this incubator. At just over $130 including tax, it was definitely more expensive than if I had made one myself, but sort of mid-range in price over all. The stories that people shared with me about making their own made me feel confident that I don’t need one of the deluxe models to hatch some chickens.

This one has grooves in the bottom of it to pour warm water into, an automatic egg turner (I really wanted that feature) and built in stuff for reading temperature and humidity. It also came with an egg candler. So now I have to buy some distilled water and power strip to plug it into. Then I’ll get to know my incubator for a couple days before I bring out my egg basket.



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