A Heavy Rolling Pin

rollingpinI never knew I needed a stone rolling pin until after I got one at the Salvation Army thrift store. When I bought it, a guy on line was staring at me, and he followed me out of the store when I left. He asked me what I was going to use it for. I don’t know, maybe he had is eye on it and I picked it up first, or maybe he had his eye on me, which was the way I was feeling, so I told him I might need to knock someone out with it. He walked off in the other direction after that. So far I never knocked anyone out with it, (or anything else,) but I’m sure it would do the job very well.

I have never used my wooden rolling pin since acquiring this marble one. I’m not making anything fancy, or fancier because I have it, but it works very well for the bread, pizza dough and occasional cinnamon rolls, that I make regularly or occasionally. I’ve found the pastry shaper to be a nice acquisition too. I think I found it in a bucket at the Salvation Army as well. They start at about $10 at a gourmet kitchenware type of place. It comes in handy when I’m rolling dough, both to shape the edges alternately with rolling, and to lift dough off the rolling board or counter. I probably use it most heavily for the occasional homestyle puff pastry.

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