I’ll Show You Mine

I've never used these three gadgets. Two of them I'm unsure what they are for.
I’ve never used these three gadgets. Two of them I’m unsure of what they are for.

I’ve been known to pick up a gadget at a yard sale, or thrift store, or estate sale, without actually knowing what it was for. I picked up my first food mill that way, and it turned out to be very useful when I learned about it later. Sometimes I just like the way a gadget looks. I have never used the Mouli grater in the picture above. I like it on my shelf though.

But I also have gadgets that I haven’t figured out just yet. Of the three pictured here, I know that the top one is a meat tenderizer. I don’t use it, I guess because we don’t eat beef in this house. Mostly when I cook meet, it is tender, so I just haven’t found the need. I might use it one day though, to crack nuts or crush ice. The one in the middle, I am guessing, is for squeezing lemons? The third one, well maybe it’s for opening something, or maybe lifting a hot lid? I don’t know, but if you do, please share your knowledge. So that’s a few of mine. Now show me yours!

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