Coffee Grinder

The antique coffee grinder pictured above is not mine, although I wouldn’t mind having a non-electric grinder. I found this picture with a Google search.  When we had a power outage a few weeks ago, which lasted several days, I would have been happy to have something other than the ordinary electric coffee grinder that I use every day.

My mother remembers that her mother used a manual coffee grinder that had a little drawer for the grinds like the one in the picture, but it had a brass cup on top. My mom’s good behavior was sometimes rewarded with the privilege of grinding the coffee beans for her mom. I have another electric coffee grinder that I keep for things like avocado pits (the best face scrub in the world,) and inedible cosmetic ingredients that might leave an aftertaste.

coffeegrinderI used to like to go to a coffee shop to socialize once in awhile, but now when I go to one to buy my whole coffee beans, I just see people with their faces in their phones and computers.

I save A LOT of money by fixing my own soy cappuccinos with my coffee maker (which has a steam wand,) and they come out just the way I like them every time. I’ll have to do a separate gadget article for coffee makers!

For those of you who struggle with soy milk cappuccinos, I have discovered that not every soy milk foams up the same. The Kirkland brand of vanilla soy milk that they sell at Costco works really well. Please share your coffee grinding stories and expertise in the comment box below.

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