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When we had an abundance of apples, I learned how to can apple sauce and apple butter (pretty simple,) and the apple peeler, corer saved me a lot of time. I still pull it out sometimes to prep an apple pie or two. It works well on most apples. I found one of these in a thrift store in Vallejo, CA and Mr. Mims brought the other one home from a similar store here in Greenville.

If you want to make more than one apple pie...
If you want to make more than one apple pie…

When we lived in California we had two apple trees that started producing apples their second year. They grew so many apples that Mr. Mims propped some of the branches up to keep them from breaking under the weight. He planted a few apple trees here, but so far it hasn’t been as easy to come up with the same kind of yield. I do see local apples for sale at the farmers market and other places, but it’s a daunting task apparently, if you’re unwilling to use pesticides on the trees. Mr. Mims believes that eventually, when the trees are mature, we’ll get enough apples for our personal use. I’m looking forward to that.

Does anyone else use one of these or something else to prep apples? Please share your experiences below…

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  1. Hi, Martha: We had an orchard with 1000 trees during the 1970s. Most of the trees apples of a wide variety. The Manzanos were virgin territory for apples, so we didn’t have many, if any, worms or bugs. We gathered ground apples from an assortment of brands of trees to make lots of highly flavored apple sauce, jelly, apple butter, and mince meat (with real meat), and we cooked and ate all we could. Those we picked we sold. in self-defense, we bought an apple peeler. A little messy, as the juice was not always contained, but it saved so much time and effort! We still have it, tucked away somewhere, although we haven’t had that many apples in the house in a very long time! I’m sure there are more modern examples of apple peelers now, but ours worked well – didn’t look exactly like yours, but peeled the same way. (We used the peelings as reinforcement flavor and color when we made jellies.) Fond memories thanks for calling them up!!

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