By Hand or by Gadget?

Last night I made sweet potato fries with dinner. The most time-consuming task, when making fries, is to slice the sweet potatoes in nice thin strips. I was standing at the counter slicing each potato by hand when I thought about my potato slicer in one of the pantry cabinets. But I just went ahead and finished the job by hand.

At one time I used to use my potato slicer, or chipper, that’s what the box says. If I asked my oldest son to slice the potatoes he would probably use it. But I found that in general it takes some strength and I have weak hands. The other thing is that if the potato isn’t the perfect size, then you have to cut it to fit. Once I start cutting, then I figure I might as well finish.

But if you do use it, then you do get perfectly cut fries that look beautiful on a plate with a little parsley and garlic salt sticking to them….maybe for a party. In case you’re wondering I fry most everything in peanut oil.

Like almost all of my kitchen gadgets, I purchased this potato slicer at a thrift store, probably for a dollar or two. Sometimes I buy gadgets without knowing what their purpose is. Do you have a favorite gadget for slicing potatoes? Please share….

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  1. yum. If I had a slicer like that one I’d use it. question: am I the only one who didn’t know about parboiling in salted and vinegared water then baking at high heat to get truly crispy roasted potatoes? I’ve used duck fat I’ve used olive oil I’ve used coconut oil, and they are a triumph. You boil the potatoes til they are a bit soft, then toss the potatoes in oil, roughly, so the oil makes a film with the starch, then roast at high heat. Any kind of potato. A revelation here last month. Almost makes up for not being able to find the cord for my nifty deep fryer. And for not having a sturdy and handsome fry slicer like yours.

    1. You’re not the only one Janet. Call me a parboiling virgin. But I’ll probably try it now that you let me in on the secret. I deep fry in a big aluminum pot on my stove top. I’d gladly switch it for something other than aluminum, but haven’t found anything yet.

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