Spring in the Woods

Part of our homestead is a wild and wooded area. There was already a footpath when we arrived almost seven years ago. The path is a semi-circle that curves around the spring that feeds the two ponds on our property before spilling into the creek that will eventually flow into the Reedy River. 

There’s a spring that originates in the woods and flows to the Reedy River

When we first went looking for the origin of the spring in the woods I had a picture in my head of a bubbling spring, like a fountain. The reality is that you can see water pooling up in an area where there is no water flowing down from above. It’s a muddy area below the walking path that’s hard to approach without sinking into the ground.

My elderly neighbor remembers when this area was more of a swamp. Our two ponds were dredged at some point. Right here, right now, where the water seeps up from below and starts to flow, there are a few ferns poking out of the leaf cover. The bare trees allow a view of the spring as it begins to flow from this special spot, never to return.

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