Working with Giants

I know not everyone likes to hear me testify about my husband, but I have to tell you that I love him for both his brains and his brawn. It’s one kind of thing to sit at a desk and solve complicated equations while the world carries on taking care of everything else. It’s another thing altogether to solve life’s equations when they present themselves.

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But even though I am full of admiration,  I hate the sight of him on a ladder so much that I suspect he purposely waited until this morning, when he knew I would be at Greenville Early College talking to the students there about writing. If you look at how far over the roof of the coop that tree is, you will realize that he had to place another ladder on the roof and get on top of that to get close enough to get the end of that rope around the tree.

When I got home he wasn’t anywhere around, just all the evidence. He tied the other end of the rope to the dog fence. I know this because the tree is still tied up. The point of that exercise was to cut down the limbs of the tree, which made a large pile. Now the biggest piece of the puzzle remains to be dealt with…

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