Sweet Scented Chamomile

Certain sweet smells stimulate my senses and make me want to sniff their special scent endlessly. If you rub the leaves of chamomile with your fingers, you might appear to be in love with your finger tips when you smell them. I confess that I don’t remember where I read it, but I did read somewhere that you could grow a lawn of chamomile, and even mow it after it gets established. That’s a pleasant daydream. And speaking of dreams, wise witches say that chamomile in your pillow case will make for especially vivid playback during slumber.I have had mixed results with growing Chamomile, so a few years ago I tried putting seeds in different areas. It seems to be growing well next to the sage bushes, and there’s some spilling over the edge of some large pots on the deck. It grows with lots of sun, but also with some shade. It is brilliant green in winter and flowers in the spring. Sometimes its dies out completely after that, and sometimes it comes back and flowers again in the fall. It doesn’t seem to like too much heat, and stays thirsty for water.

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