Spillway to the Reedy River

When we were searching for property around Greenville, we were looking for a spring fed pond. At the time we were looking, there were two properties in the greater Greenville area with a spring, and one of them went off the market the day we arrived in Greenville to look at it. Although it seemed to us that having a spring on the property would be of inestimable value, it was apparently not part of any criterion that banks use to determine a market price.

The property we found on Paris Mountain was the only place we looked at. We knew right away it was where we wanted to be. Our finances didn’t agree with us. It was a foreclosed property, and incredibly it sat for several months without a buyer while we worked things out, during which time the asking price actually went down.

The spillway in this video is between the upper pond, fed by a spring flowing out from the woods, and the lower pond that spills into a creek that feeds the Reedy River. To me, it’s a daily miracle that we are the caretakers of this precious place we call home.

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