Pantry Politics

I use sweet basil fresh with ripe tomatoes, and also dry it and keep it in a glass jar to use year round.

I work the hardest in July and August. I’m talking about sweat and sore muscles and getting down to my summer weight (about five pounds lighter than my winter weight.)

I husk and freeze the corn right away, so that it doesn't get starchy.
I husk and freeze the corn right away, so that it doesn’t get starchy. Greens I triple wash then chop and freeze.

Along with weeding and watering,  cultivating and harvesting, I spend hours in my perennially hot kitchen processing everything that we bring in from the gardens.

I dry parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, peppers, stevia, mint, oregano, cilantro, lemongrass, lavender,  chamomile…

I signed up for this willingly.  Some of my fierce sisters look at me questioningly when I gush about fresh eggs, tomato paste and pickles, telling me that it’s cheaper to eat out than cook.


But this is Free labor. We serve ourselves and clean our own dishes, and I’m free to be the me that you see, a woman with a plentiful pantry who knows how to use it too.

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