Fierce Father Goose

A family of wild geese.

We suspected that these two geese had a hidden nest. Now we know. It is a sight to behold, the family moving around together. They keep the goslings constantly herded between them and the father goes on the attack toward anyone approaching, other geese included. He hunches down his head and curls up his neck, and starts running and flapping his wings at the slightest invasion of his family’s space.We seem to be running some kind of bird sanctuary here. I want to testify, cuz after they tore up all his corn sprouts, not once, but twice, my husband the master gardener, threatened to get his shotgun and eat them all for dinner. He even talked about those cute little babies, called them “cornish hens.” But what he actually did was go out and spend about two hundred seventy bucks to put up a chicken wire fence around the entire garden, and then spent the better part of a day erecting the fence, to keep them all out (bunnies too.) My hero.


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