Is this a letter or a journal entry?


Looking over my letters from the editor of the last few weeks and even months, I can see that much of it has been progress reports mixed with my musings about progress and motivations too. For a moment or two I questioned myself, and then I decided it was OK to be sharing some of the nitty gritty of what I’m doing from day to day. I figure that I’m somewhere in the middle in terms of technical know-how and understanding. For those who know more than me, I can be entertaining with my mishaps, and remind those with mastery how the rest of us perceive what’s happening as we learn. For those who know less than me, I can be encouraging. I am demonstrating how it is possible to continue to learn and apply new techniques toward manifesting creative goals. Technology of all kinds is becoming more available all the time, and can be a useful tool if we choose to use it.

I have been hosting a weekly live radio show at I like the fact that listeners can call in to the show from anywhere. Last night, a poet named Mariquita, from Vallejo CA, called in with a poem, and we heard from the Metaphysical Muse too. I hosted my first blogtalk radio show by calling in with my cell phone. I progressed from there to signing up for Skype so that I could call in from my computer instead, and use a microphone. Last week I discovered the hard way, that I couldn’t play a CD from my computer and expect it to also be heard on the radio show, because the phone call wasn’t monitoring, (read can’t monitor) both a mic input and a cd input at the same time. By last night I had progressed to hooking up the mixing board we used to have in Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe. I plugged in the microphone, my old dat player, a cd player and attempted to do a live radio mix. It went sort-of alright. I need another CD player to mix with, and some longer sound cables so that I can arrange everything a little better. Last night made the seventh weekly show I’ve hosted already. That’s what I call learning by doing.
Last week I went into the TV studios at Vallejo Community Access Television. With the help of Tom Morgan at the controls, we recorded some arts news announcements taken from the posts here at Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News. I took that home and put it on my computer. Using iMovie, I edited it together with a poem of the week, and some visuals and titles and brought it back to VCAT to be aired on our local cable TV channel 27 in Vallejo. After that I uploaded the news show to the Listen & Be Heard Network TV channel hosted by So now that same show is airing on L&BH Network websites. also offers the opportunity to broadcast live from multiple sites. I’ll get to that one when I feel ready… Whew! I’ve been kind of busy. I could use some help with the radio or tv show, and the website too, so if you’re motivated to get involved, then get in touch please.
If you have some great ideas sitting in a filing cabinet, consider using them with newer technology. Could you make an animation out of that play? What about those reel-to-reels you never transferred? Would they make some good serial internet radio content? You could be sitting on gold.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
martha cinader mims

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