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martha cinader

Last night I hosted another live internet radio show. I thought I had my act together, but the reality was that I did not. Part of the broadcast was not being heard, because I had not properly thought through the sound input sources from my computer. When I was informed that nothing was really happening (by my husband listening in another room) I understood in a flash what was wrong. Live and learn. I’m uploading an edited version of the show as I write this column, which I will broadcast again later today. Mistakes and all, I’m having fun!
The tools that are available to us today have evolved. With a little effort we can overcome our trepidation about technology we’re not used to, and begin to use it. I love the fact that I can host (for free) a live radio show that people anywhere in the world can call in to. And people have. They have called my show from Germany, Canada and all around the United States. I have the freedom to schedule shows when I wish, and to produce whatever content suits me, all brought to you by Blogtalkradio.com. You can participate in the L&BH Network Radio Hour by calling in while it’s live (Tuesday nights from 8-9pm, Pacific Coast time), or submitting audio content to me for consideration. You could also start your own radio show by going to Blogtalkradio.com.
Call in radio is a lot of fun, but so is hosting your own tv station. I’m currently doing both. Combining video available from a vast on-line library with original programming, Listen & Be Heard is now producing a 24 hour tv channel. Mogulus.com offers a live studio over the internet to television producers. This is a great addition to the Listen & Be Heard Network.
For people who are posting their announcements and articles at Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News, this means they are getting plenty of mileage for their efforts. Summaries of their articles are now being run on the radio show and once every hour on the television channel. I have plans to broadcast some video open mics and other programming, but right now you can find plenty of interesting things to watch. If you see something you like, the channel also offers video on demand.
I’ve mentioned two great free tools available to everyone willing to work with new internet technology. If you’re working with some new technology that you find useful, please share!
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
Martha Cinader Mims

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