ode to authority


most everyone
has the authority
to do
whatever they can get away with
there’s a whole lot of people
getting away with a whole lot of shit
and a few people
getting away with
a whole lot more shit
and a couple people
getting away with
ten thousand
more times shit than that
like our
and Vice President
of the World
Gas House Corporation
one of them always
gets to keep their finger
on the thermostat
they both must be cold blooded
cuz they keep it hot
all the time
when they each wake up
in the morning
and look
in the mirror
they see authority
written in the lines
in their foreheads
by their founding fathers
the authority to contradict
the authority to arrest anyone
who is contradictory
i’d like to know
how they get away with it
seems to me
always winds up
being decided
by the most powerful punch
no matter what anyone says

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