A Bulletin Board for Arts Professionals

The newest feature at Listen & Be Heard Network is the Listen & Be Heard Network Bulletin Board. The purpose of launching the bulletin board is to create a central location for discussing issues of importance to arts professionals.
There are certainly many opportunities for us to compete with each other. Competition seems to be the thing in television entertainment these days, and I see it reflected widely in our culture. How often do the participants have a say in the structure of the framework within which they are being presented, whether it’s the stage, the gallery or the printed word?
The Listen & Be Heard Network Bulletin Board is a place where we can work constructively together to examine the framework within which we all work. Your comments and e-mails, your participation in mailing lists, are all ways to give input; but that input is spread around the network, minimizing its impact. A bulletin board creates a central area for discussions to take place. The forums and topics will be determined by the participants. What follows should be constructive conversation that leads to actions which help us all to thrive as arts professionals.
Speaking of competitions, how useful are they to us? I began a thread of discussion around poetry contests charging entry fees. As a poet myself, I am more than curious about other people’s experiences. I can use that information to make my own decision about entering a contest. As a publisher of poetry I can think about people’s experiences and possibly formulate something different from a poetry contest that would serve poetry and poets in a different way. This is one example of the possible benefit of using a bulletin board focused on arts issues. Another one might be a discussion of the best open mics for performing poets to participate in nationally. Another one might be galleries offering the best promotion of the artists they represent.
The bulletin board may also eventually influence editorial choices at Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News, as we strive to serve the needs of creators. If you are already registered at Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News, you can use the same login and password to use the bulletin board. For all others, registration is free and your constructive and respectful participation is most welcome. Please take a look, add your voice to a topic or create a new topic of discussion. Let the conversation begin!

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