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martha cinader

Since closing the doors of Listen & Be Heard Poetry Café, I have given much thought to the Listen & Be Heard website. The site has been serving several functions, including serving the arts community by publishing announcements, reviews and opportunities, and promoting the events we produced at the café. We also publish poetry on a daily basis, and columns on a wide variety of subjects.
In the few years that we have published Listen & Be Heard news, there have been many changes in web publishing. These changes now coincide with a change in direction for all the various aspects of Listen & Be Heard. The first phase in that change has already been set in motion. I believe that there are many practicing artists in all different mediums who are motivated by their need to create more than a desire to be famous or rich. We struggle to be able to practice our craft, whatever it may be, in a crassly commercial world that doesn’t place much value on our efforts.
Until now we have been posting press releases that have been sent to us by e-mail, in the arts news, and audition/submission sections of a larger site. Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News, is a newly launched site that exclusively serves the needs of independent artists of all kinds, to promote their activities, find opportunities and exchange information. You can begin to use it in its bare-bones format by taking advantage of the opportunity to post and format your own announcements. You can look forward in the coming weeks to a bulletin board, and other features to enable you to interact with the international Listen & Be Heard Network.
I did say phase one. Future phases include a metaphysics site moderated by Tony Mims, and a virtual poetry café. But for now, please begin to use the tools that I have placed at your disposal, and let me know what you think by sending me an e-mail.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry

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