Once Upon a Time


There was a woman who dared to speak truth in the face of death. The truth as she knew it. For she knew that she did not, could not know Truth entirely.
In fact she knew that even two seemingly contradictory stories could both be true to the tellers of each side, and both could even be absolutely true.
The Absolute covers Everything. She knew that too. So the Absolute Truth must be the sum and total of every truth. There’s even a bit of truth in the best lies.
She didn’t know all this because she held a degree for knowing the truth. She had heard every story. She had been told every lie and she believed.
She listened to each story and cried and laughed and shouted at each twist and turn in the plot as if each story were her own unfolding drama.
She believed each lie until she steadfastly uncovered each truth. Even though she did not think that she had set out on a journey to find truth.
It became her destiny to seek out the Truth that lies waiting. She claimed every story, every lie and all that she witnessed with her eyes.
She hoarded each like a gem, gathered all together in a treasure chest of the human heart. Her art to rearrange, retell and tell
the Truth in a made up story. Made up of tough stuff, reality that bites with an appetite for feeding
the need of the present moment.
The present need always being the same, no matter what the current truth, the need for action, creation, telling your part of The Story.

Please join me at the cafe this Saturday, February 16, 2008 from 2:30-4pm,
for a storytelling circle for people of all ages. Tell a story, or just listen.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
martha cinader mims

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