Top Stories of 2007 by the Stats

If you pay attention to these things you will have noticed that Listen & Be Heard Weekly is now into Volume 5. That’s five years of publishing weekly arts news. We started out as a weekly e-mail newsletter, that five years ago became a print weekly. The print weekly became a print and web weekly before we gave up print altogether. We became exclusively a web weekly in the beginning of 2007. (You can still sign up for our weekly e-mail newsletter though.)
While we did lose many readers who prefer print, (and a couple writers too,) we have steadily gained, week by week, an on-line readership, that according to the stats comes to us most for poetry, metaphysics, opportunities in the arts, reviews, and event listings. We have dedicated writers who have contributed weekly, and more who have contributed when they were inspired to do so. As always I welcome queries from writers who would like to write on a subject that is close to their heart with reviews, a column or single article ideas.
There are many ways to look at or get lost in the statistics for a website. Interpreting them may be a scientific activity, I don’t know. But it is interesting to me to see what people look at the most. One thing about the World Wide Web is that what might be deemed old news can sometimes get more traffic for explainable or unexplainable reasons than late-breaking news.
Before we look forward to changes and upgrades in our web presentation, here is a look back at the top stories by the stats:

The 10 Most Hit on Articles were

#1.Gabi Wilson Singer, Musician and Poet
by martha cinader mims

Vallejo’s own 10 year old superstar gave her first concert at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe. Her appearances on national television prompted thousands to search her name on-line.
#2. It’s all about Spoken Word on Fridays at Eight
by martha cinader mims

Our most popular event on-line and in the cafe.
#3. Vallejo Arts Awards 2006
by jessica ryan

This story is from two years ago now, but continues to get hits.
#4. 5th Annual Listen & Be Heard Poetry Marathon
Our poetry marathon brings poets from all around. The 6th Annual Marathon will take place on Saturday, April 26, 2008.
#5. Catch Her While You Still Can
by martha cinader mims

A previous article which I wrote about Gabi.
#6. Seduced by Salsa
by richard spann

Searchers who entered Nilda Rosado in their search engines came up with this review.
#7. Metaphysical Muse Up Close and Personal
by martha cinader mims

Just like his weekly column, the words and appearances of a for-real metaphysician, Tony Mims, remain popular here at Listen & Be Heard.
#8. Looking for Mr. Goodbob
by dave tilton

Bob Dylan remains an icon and person of interest, a living legend.
#9. Legally Blonde Not Quite In the Pink
by kirsten lunde

The theatre version of the story generated a lot of interest in San Francisco.
#10. Reduction in Civilization
by richard spann

Will Smith remains at the top of the heap in Hollywood. We’re glad that Richard Spann keeps us on record with the national as well as local, and that people everywhere come to us a source for good information.
Although one particular article from a category might not have made it in the top ten, it is interesting to note which categories as a whole generate the most traffic, so here they are.

The Top 10 Categories Were:

#1. Poem of the Day
#2.Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe
#3. Audition and Submission Opportunities
#4. Metaphysical Muse
#5. Entertainment Highlights at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe
#6. Press Releases and Announcements from Artists and Arts Organizations
#7. Bay Area Network Group Mailing List
#8. Bay Area Theatre Reviews
#9. Classified Ads
#10. Letter from the Editor

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