Now Is the Time to Get Involved in Vallejo

It’s a human tendency to become complacent when we’re reasonably comfortable. In the minutes that we have between one task and the next, when we pause to have a conversation with another person living, working or otherwise investing in Vallejo, we make remarks about life in the city, talk about the way things are, the way they should be, the way they could be. Then we move on to the next task, but not always to action.
The way things are is not the way things will be. Life does not stand still. What we do today will certainly be part of tomorrow’s story. Whether we tell the story ourselves, or leave the telling of it to those who believe they have the biggest interest, or a corner on the only truth, depends not on words, but actions.
In my travels around this country I have observed that it is impossible to tell the difference between one city and another until you get away from the airport, off the highway and venture to a place that is unique, as in one-of-a-kind. Such a place is an oasis these days, at risk of disappearing at any moment if left untended. It happens all the time. Take a drive on Georgia Street in downtown Vallejo and observe the empty store fronts.
People sit in front of televisions and movie screens and computer screens, on comfortable couches, drive cars and chat on cell phones about what they might do, or plan to do, or didn’t do but won’t do while they can still sit in front of televisions and movie screens and computer screens on comfortable couches and drive cars and chat on cell phones and just generally drive through their very own lives without ever getting out of a car and going into a place (like Listen & Be Heard Poetry Café for instance) where they don’t already know exactly what to expect, and can’t predict the precise outcome. Watch out, if you try it, you might get excited or even inspired!
Whether it’s politics, the arts, charity, clean-up, or putting your money where your mouth is, now is the time to make a difference where you be. So let’s be REAL.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry

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