Join the Arts Celebration on Marin Street in Downtown Vallejo


Here at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Café we are preparing for our First Annual Summer Arts Festival on Saturday August 18, 2007. We will be having free entertainment most of the day inside the café. We will be featuring all in one day the performing artists who we have been featuring and cultivating throughout the days of the week in the last couple years.
Our whole philosophy at Listen & Be Heard is to do for ourselves and community whatever we are capable of doing without asking for help from elsewhere. The purpose of this festival is to highlight all the arts activities that take place here in downtown Vallejo, and especially on Marin Street. We have partnered with other arts organizations on Marin Street who will be offering a variety of activities including a free family day at the Museum, an open house at Vallejo Music Theatre and open studios at the Vallejo Artists’ Guild. Local businesses including Rick Mariani Photography, Digital Copy and Ambassador Rolls have contributed funds for publicity and to pay the band for the FREE party at the café at the end of the night.
All of the arts organizations involved are offering FREE space to fine arts and crafts vendors, authors and other arts organizations to set up a table to sell their works or distribute information. There are no plans to cut off traffic on Marin street on that day. The plan is to attract the attention of people in their cars and get them to park and get out of their cars instead of just passing through the downtown. A key part of attracting those people will be the vendors on the sidewalks. Interested parties should call 707-554-4840 and ask for Tony or Martha to reserve a spot on that day. You will be required to provide your own table and chair(s). We will be sending out a Press Release early next week with the names of all the vendors who have made a commitment to participate.
This is the first year of an annual event. Our plan is to make it a memorable experience for everyone involved, and to establish a building block for the future of The Arts in downtown Vallejo. We encourage you to be a pioneer along with us and join in the party! Give us a call today and commit your time or become a sponsor while you still can, or do both!
Wishing you Peace and Poetry

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