Keeping on Keeping On

The expression Time Will Tell holds a great lesson. If you’re wondering about the veracity of a particular point of view, you can always apply the time test in retrospect and come up with an answer, instead of waiting around for more proof. Put another way, you can wait and see if the mountain lion is going to leap on you, or you can apply your knowledge of mountain lion behavior and save yourself.
Will a building project stay on schedule? Will a new restaurant attract enough customers to stay open three years? Will people support a cultural life for themselves and their families? Will the crotchety old people let go of their childish ways and share their wisdom with the foolish young people, and will those brazen young learn to receive instead of being deceived by all the traps set out so carefully by designing minds to enslave them?
The answer to all those questions is that, regardless of the answer, you will keep on keeping on. So the only real question to answer is what is your motivation for keeping on doing what you’re doing in the first place? Then it doesn’t matter when you can’t find help, or you’re misunderstood, or you lost what you were counting on, or the market isn’t in agreement with your philosophy. If you’re motivation is to serve a larger purpose than even you yourself can even fully comprehend, then you will keep on keeping on anyway.
Yours in Constant Motion

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