A Learning Curve for the Editor

Back in the nineties I had an opportunity to sit at a computer that was loaded with Macromedia Director. I spent a few hours learning how to use the software, and trying to wrap my head around the scripting language called Lingo. I dug the following little game up from my archives, to show you the result of a few week?s effort on my part to create a poetry game. You should see my shockwave movie just below this paragraph. If not you may need to download a free copy of Flash Player to see it. Try clicking on the different parts of the game, and moving the slider up and down, to see what happens.

Obviously there have been many changes since the nineties. I also don?t have that same opportunity to use Macromedia Director anymore, but now I?ve been sitting up late at night taking the tutorials that come with Macromedia Flash. Last night, instead of writing a column I made my first Flash application which you can try out below. Why am I doing this? Because soon you will find me using Flash to create forms, calendars and a host of useful applications for this site, so please stay tuned…
I?m working on it.

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