Editor's Remix

Last week I wrote a Letter from the Editor that told a little about the journey that has been this whole Listen & Be Heard and Martha & Tony thing.
This week I offer you a [tag]poetic version[/tag], that begins
where the essay left off.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
Martha Mims
[tag]Poetic Symmetry[/tag]
Any true equation has symmetry
a balance of unique ingredients.
A marriage is music and poetry.
Martha and Tony equals explosion
of ancient memories combining in
synergistic energy divining
Soul Truth in the expanding Universe.
Once, Martha and Tony, two poets
both wrote poetry, hosted open mics
and radio shows, traveling around
both knowing the ups and downs of loving,
playing the roles of the hero and clown
charting paths to the heart of what matters.
One day they flowed together like a verse
written in the stars, still a mystery
the raw elements of the equation,
the exact combination, history
witchery and America’s music
the melting pot of communication
the key to human civilization
rhythm loves rhyme and now is the time to nurse
the baby, deliver a real message
be part of healing feelings, naming shame,
creating chords of a new song to sing
calling spirits of deepest Africa
windy winter nights of Siberia
crashing choppy waves of the northern seas
beyond Babylon. The Universe
speaks eloquently of equality
negative and positive, black and white,
woman and man, poetry, melody,
harmony defined in the symmetry
of Purpose, a common goal of Beauty.
Inverse scales played fast or funky or free
two hands on a piano can reverse
expectations, preconceived notions of
freedom to make connections, commotions,
crashing cymbals shout out the messages
of silent tongues, wailing saxophone calls
for listening hearts beating together
in continuity, collectively
inspiring a story told in verse
often made up in moments inspired
when molecules collide in new patterns
while planets revolve and spirits evolve
the bass walks the line keeping cosmic time.
Poetic Symmetry
A Musical Poetic Journey
featuring Martha & Tony Mims
with Johnny & the ?B? Goods
October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11
Listen & Be Heard Poetry Caf?
818 Marin Street, Downtown Vallejo 94590
Phone: 707-554-4540
Web: listenandbeheard.net/htmlarea/poetrycafe

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