Resting before the curtain rises

I?ve noticed that things seem a little slow lately. People who come into the caf?, seem to be in an end-of-summer daze. If they didn?t get out in the sun, but worked and worked and worked all summer, now they are looking around, leaving their computers and dark, stale offices, and making a last ditch effort to enjoy the sun, do something out of the ordinary, or just relax before the rush of activity that is sure to come in September.
September is the start of the year in the minds of many artists of all kinds. That?s the time when new theatre seasons are unveiled, the last of the summer concerts bring together those hanging on to summer, and those like me who feel like they missed the leisure of summer in the first place. New art exhibitions, Open Studios, even new books to read, and of course school will start for parents, children and fledgling adults alike.
Here at Listen & Be Heard we are planning a [tag]special theatre issue[/tag] for September. Theatre groups and venues can take advantage of a special ad offer we are making in conjunction with this issue. We hope that those of you who pick up our [tag]free monthly print magazine[/tag] like the changes we have made. Of course there are more to come, but we are liking our new magazine image as we have gotten comfortable with our monthly versus weekly format. Of course this website remains a weekly. My only small complaint, dear readers, is that I would like to hear more from you.
Next week you will be hearing more from me about the state of [tag]VCAT[/tag], our [tag]local community access television station[/tag]. If you are involved in any way, either as a board member, paid member/producer, or just interested citizen, please do get in touch with me by e-mail (no phone calls please) while I am working to pull together this article. You can read my last article on the subject here.
Our staff photographer, Stephen Jacobson, is back from his two week vacation and has some shots from the Smithsonian to share with us all. As always, Dave Tilton has another interesting, and local CD to talk about. Kirsten went to the theatre last week, and Kara has words about words written to support Katrina survivors both in word and deed.
It promises to be a great weekend here at the Caf?. We will be featuring Tom?s Riley for the first time during the open mic on Friday, and the Talons return on Saturday for a night of poly-rhythmic vibrations.
That end-of-summer lassitude (on my part) has stretched the writing of this article to the last moment, and thus I shall bring it to a close so that the entire new issue can be uploaded for everyone?s reading and viewing pleasure.
Wishing each of you Peace and Poetry
Martha Cinader Mims

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